2019 Meet & Greet Passes

Skater Meet & Greets will be held after each show during the 2019 tour. Fans may meet their favorite Stars on Ice skaters, collect autographs and bring cameras for photo opportunities! Only a limited number of passes are available, so buy your passes early before the Meet & Greets are sold out.

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Meet & Greet FAQs

Will a Meet & Greet be held in my city? »

Yes, Meet & Greets will be held in all cities of the 2019 Tour.

When will the Meet & Greet be held? »

The Meet & Greets will be held after each show performance.

Is there a limit to the number of Meet & Passes offered per show? »

Yes, only a limited number of Meet & Greet passes will be offered per show, so order your passes as soon as possible.

How many skaters will attend the Meet & Greet? »

The full-time cast of skaters will attend each Meet & Greet; barring any unforseen circumstances.

How long will the Meet & Greet last? »

The length of the Meet & Greet depends on the number of Meet & Greet guests, however, we estimate the Meet & Greet will last approximately one hour.

Do I need a ticket to the show? »

Yes, a ticket to the show is required for all Meet & Greet attendees. Each Meet & Greet attendee must have a ticket and a Meet & Greet pass.

Can children attend the Meet & Greet? »

Children aged 14 and under are not permitted to attend the Meet & Greet without a parent/guardian. Both child and parent/guardian must have a pass to attend the Meet & Greet. There is a limit of four children per adult/guardian.

Can cameras be brought into the Meet & Greet? »

Non-professional cameras are permitted into the Meet & Greet for taking still photographs only. Video recording is not permitted. Facetime, Skype and any other means of communication with people not attending the Meet & Greet is prohibited.

Is there a cost for a Meet & Greet pass? »

Yes, a Meet & Greet pass must be purchased online at the Stars on Ice Store for $100. Returns, exchanges, or transfers of Meet & Greet passes is not permitted.

When will I receive my Meet & Greet pass? »

After purchasing your Meet & Greet pass, you will receive a confirmation email with instructions on how to pick up your pass.