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Adam Rippon United States Champion


Artist. Athlete. Activist.


Adam Rippon is a combination of all three.


One of the most dramatic figure skaters on the planet, Adam won the hearts of America and the world at the 2018 Winter Olympics.  Known for his refreshing candor and wit, his rise to fame on the global stage has provided him with a platform to speak out in support of LGBTQ rights and the freedom to be oneself. 


His passion and charm have made him an inspiration to young and old alike and he has quickly become a role model and icon to millions. 


In addition to his recent team bronze medal at the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, Adam has garnered nine medals on the international circuit over the last four years, including the 2016 U.S. men’s championship title.


Always a team player, he has shared his artistry with his fellow skaters through music and theme recommendations and has choreographed programs for U.S. champions Mirai Nagasu and Ashley Wagner.


The oldest of six children from Scranton, Pennsylvania, Adam got a relatively late start as a skater at the age of 10. But once he started skating, he never looked back. He rose through the skating ranks, claiming the world junior title twice before winning the U.S. men’s title in 2016.  He was named to his first Olympic team in 2018 at the age of 28.


Adam also made the bold decision to come out publicly in October 2015 in an interview with SKATING magazine which led him to become the first openly gay athlete to represent the United States in Olympic competition.


Follow Adam on social media:


Twitter: @adaripp


Instagram: adaripp

Competitive Results

Winter Olympics 10th 2018
Winter Olympic Games 3rd (Team) 2018
U.S. Championships 4th 2018
Grand Prix Final 5th 2017
Skate America 2nd 2017
World Championships 6th 2016
U.S. Championships 1st 2016
Golden Spin of Zagreb 2nd 2015
Rostelecom Cup 4th 2015
Skate Canada 4th 2015
Finlandia Trophy 2nd 2015
World Championships 8th 2015
Four Continents Championship 10th 2015
U.S. Championships 2nd 2015
Skate Canada 10th 2014
Finlandia Trophy 2nd 2014
Four Continents Championship 8th 2014
U.S. Championships 8th 2014
NHK Trophy 4th 2013
Skate America 2nd 2013
Gardena Spring Trophy 2nd 2013
U.S. Championships 5th 2013
NHK Trophy 8th 2012
Cup of China 4th 2012
World Team Trophy 2nd - Team 2012
World Championships 13th 2012
Four Continents Championship 4th 2012
U.S. Championships 2nd 2012
Trophee Eric Bompard 4th 2011
Skate Canada 4th 2011
Four Continents Championship 5th 2011
U.S. Championships 5th 2011
Skate America 4th 2010
Skate Canada 3rd 2010
World Championships 6th 2010
Four Continents Championship 1st 2010
U.S. Championships 5th 2010
Trophee Eric Bompard 3rd 2009


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