By: The He Said She Said Experience

Hershey, PA - If there’s one thing that we could use more of right now in the world, it’s unity. And that’s exactly what Stars on Ice is bringing audiences with their 2019 Tour: Unity. After all people have more in common than we have differences. People love music, people all dressed and acted silly in the 90s and we all love to be caught up in a creative work that makes us feel inspired. There are so many reasons that you should attend Stars on Ice 2019 tour – the great performances, fun music, talented cast and definitely the fun video that opens the show! Here are our 10 reasons that you should check out the Stars on Ice 2019 tour!


It’s always so hard to pick my top 5 performances. I really loved the show this year. I know I say that every year, but that’s because Stars on Ice produces really good shows with great skaters and I usually end up in tears at least once and scream the entire time bows are going on. Okay, deep breath; here are my 5 faves.

Nathan Chen “Caravan”

I’ve loved this program all season, it’s been one of my favorite programs of the past year. The swagger and electricity of this number have been captivating through the television, but in person it’s almost enough to lift you off of the ground.

Ashley Wagner “Dog Days are Over”

If audiences can expect anything from Ashley Wagner, it’s sass, sequins and beautiful skating. She gave all three in this performance including energetic choreography that showed her beautiful skating skills as well as her feisty energy. Plus, girl can work a ponytail like no one else.

Meryl Davis & Charlie White “Lilac Wine”

I had a great time chatting with Meryl about this number (interview coming in a few days) and I was struck again by the regal, emotional and majestic skating of Davis & White. It was such a quiet and powerful program.

Jeremy Abbott “Pure Imagination”

I love the sincerity and creativity of Jeremy Abbott’s programs. In addition to saluting some great Stars on Ice programs of the past, his performance was also full his own elegant and whimsical style.


Of course it concluded with that signature kick line that I never tire of seeing. I have loved “With a Little Help from my Friends” since I was a wee girl watching The Wonder Years. The retro costumes, powerful choreography and fun lifts made this finale so much fun to watch and it made me tear up too. 


Stars on Ice always offers a great opportunity to see some amazing figure skating artists show us moving artistic pieces where they don’t have to worry about pushing all of their tricks to the outer limits of physical performance. This year’s throwback theme had some very entertaining pieces to it that I loved. Here’s my five favorite pieces from the Stars on Ice 2019 tour.

Mirai Nagasu “Youth”

Mirai Nagasu skated a beautiful, poignant routine to this song by Daughter. Her costume embraced the theme while ultimately being an element that was very important and gave a flair to the performance.

 Meryl Davis & Charlie White “Queen Medley”

This collection of Queen songs was the perfect backdrop for a fun and incredibly impressive number from Meryl Davis & Charlie White. They did a great job of picking songs that told a cohesive story and it was imbued with so much of their own personality that it was a joy to watch.

Maia Shibutani & Alex Shibutani “Us Against the World/Life in Technicolor II”

Maia & Alex Shibutani are amazing skaters, but at their best when they are skating to Coldplay. This mashup is no exception and was amazing from start to finish.

“Pump up the 90s”

To close out the first act, the cast performed to a medley of 90 songs in crazy period (that’s so weird to say) costumes that perfectly reminded us of the era. My favorite individual pieces of this number where when the men skated to “I Want it That Way” and when Bradie and Mirai skated to “I’m Just a Girl.” Super Awesome Radical Tubular guys!

Mirai Nagasu “Halo”

Another fantastic outing from Mirai! This was another emotional routine that was at the same time uplifting and was a joy to watch.

If you’re a figure skating fan or even just a fan of music, dance or live entertainment of any kind, you should check out Stars on Ice 2019 tour. It’s a fun and uplifting experience and there’s nothing like seeing figure skating in person. You’ll be amazed at the speed, agility and performance of these elite athletes and see both fun exhibition numbers and some great competitive programs of the season.