Stars on Ice – Delivers Excellence, Quality and Passion in Orlando’s Ice

By: Gabriella Dali Rivera, Latin Family Magazine

Stars On Ice – Delivers Excellence, Quality and Passion in Orlando’s Ice

  Looking at the figure skaters in person is a whole new world when compared to TV. The USA Team did an amazing spectacular performance worth of Olympic medals. It presented quality and excitement on their performance at the Amway Center. Three-time World Champion and  Olympic Gold Medalist Nathan Chen delivered an Olympic stellar performance worth of all his titles and the audience gave him a standing ovation. The show did not fall short of expectations and raised the bar exceedingly high above and beyond our figure skating spectator dreams. All these Olympic medalists form a USA dream team that together in the same show, provide world class quality performances.

Stars on Ice
is an amazing show with la crème de la crème of figure skating athletes. The show brings magic to the spectator and keeps you engaged from beginning to end showcasing each unique talent and interpretation with finesse. The following review was made by our teenager after experiencing the performance on the Amway CEner in Orlando.

Stars on Ice

by: Gabriella Dali Rivera

Figure skating is an immensely difficult sport, and one that the judges show little mercy towards. It’s highly disciplined where the “best of the best” skate nearly half their lives atop of ice and only a few earn a medal that says: “you, in fact, are the best there is”.

Watching the performances of Stars on Ice, I felt my breath be taken away. I was mesmerized by the skaters and their talents, astonished with what each of them had to offer.

Jason Brown hit the ice the first time and immediately the crowd wasn’t just watching, they were clapping. Cheering him on. It wasn’t just skating anymore, it was a dance, a party, a gathering of talent and expression. Karen Chen left us all in awe with her melodic moves; and pair skaters Madison Chock and Even Bates taught us the impact of silent, meaningful, motion.

The skaters were all talented each in their own individual ways, and when came time for Nathan Chen to perform I wasn’t sure there was anything else left that could have impressed me. I was wrong, of course, and ate those words seconds after he arrived; performing the piece he had done for the 2022 Winter Olympic free skate event, Rocketman.”

This finale was by far, one of the greatest closings I’ve ever seen. Everything was thought out, from the music to the costuming which all referenced some era of Elton John’s iconic wardrobe. Nathan Chen truly was a Rocket man, soaring on the ice in the same way he soared to victory in the Winter Olympics 2022 this year when he broke the record in Beijing.

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